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Shipping, Return and Guarantee policy


Orders placed by 11:30 am Eastern typically ship the same day (excluding weekends and holidays), while those received after 11:30 am Eastern will be shipped on the next business day. Kindly anticipate delivery within 5-7 business days.

45-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. You only pay for return shipping. To return an item, please email Customer Support at [email protected] or call 1-800-609-6409 within 45 days of receipt of product. We will give you your Return Merchandise Authorization number.

No matter the reason – 100% money back!

We thought of calling this the “no questions asked guarantee,” but learning why you are returning helps us serve you and our other customers better. When you contact our Customer Support team they will ask you a few questions, there’s no right or wrong answer – no matter what, you’ll receive 100% of your money back.

Calroy Products and Amazon

Calroy’s products are professional grade, and intended to be distributed through licensed healthcare practitioners. Unfortunately, unauthorized resellers began offering Calroy products on Amazon, and upon investigation we learned the only way to ensure that only authentic Calroy products are offered there, and to have a measure of control over what is said about them, was to create our own presence on the site.

Why Procure through your Healthcare Practitioner?

  • We suggest you procure your Calroy products through your Healthcare Practitioner
  • They have a global view of your health needs and can help you evaluate whether our products fit with your wellness plan
  • Practitioners who are authorized to sell our products have provided Calroy with proof of an active healthcare license
  • Because our authorized licensed healthcare practitioners purchase directly from us, you can be assured you are receiving authentic, high-quality, fresh products in the best condition
  • Practitioners can track your vascular health with advanced labs and imaging

Calroy Health Sciences is the ONLY authorized seller of Calroy products on Amazon

Calroy Health Sciences is the manufacturer of Arterosil HP and Vascanox HP. If you see other sellers offering Calroy products, be aware that they are NOT authorized.

Calroy does not know how these unauthorized sellers may have procured the Calroy products they are selling. We cannot tell whether they are fresh, near expiration or expired, how they’ve been stored or handled, or even if they are genuine Calroy products. We cannot guarantee our products if they are purchased from other Amazon sellers.

Note for sales made on

For sales on the Amazon platform, Calroy Health Sciences works hard to ensure that only authentic, high quality Calroy products reach consumers, and do so in the condition we intend. As such, for all sales on the Amazon platform, the Calroy brand 45-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee will NOT apply without valid proof of purchase from the Calroy Health Sciences Amazon Storefront, with Calroy Health Sciences listed as the seller.

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